If lying publicly meant as much to the newly-public Lakeland Christian as hating gay fellow citizens, LCS leaders would punish Canady like they did Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz.
At this point, we should use gross LGBT hate as a profiling tool for PPP and emergency COVID loan fraud.
Powerful people in state government want to force our people-owned utility to stop funding our quality of life in our city. They want to raise your…
A quick, digestible primer for curious Texans and others. It's hard to believe it when you see it all summarized. And yet, it's real.
As the SAO charges Dunn for misdemeanor campaign crimes, Rick Nolte's self-declared campaign felony and dubious campaign spending claims remain…
Candace Owens, of all people, publicly accused Dunn and "Black Republicans of Brazoria County" of fraud way back in February 2022. Texas Sen. Mayes…
Go ahead and laugh; but you'll learn more about Florida's looming invasion of America -- and how to sabotage it -- from "Red Dawn" than from any…
Mark the centennial of Sheriff Peter Hagan, Florida's greatest cop, performing Florida's greatest single act of policing.
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Public Enemy Number 1