"Julie and Billy's Hot Tub Talk," episode 2: Billus Interruptus Too Muchus


As we parse the wreckage from our inaugural episode’s Cobra Kai demolition derby, certain unavoidable questions arise: Why does Billy interrupt so damn much? Why does Julie tolerate it? Or does she?

You’ll meet our smelly dogs, our injured son (sort of), and the one true secret to a successful marriage — at least so far. And Billy learns that even mediocre microphones pick up chewing. Sorry, he was hungry. (It’s not that bad.)

We also introduce our first prop, which is, of course, a Billy-control device. He brought it on himself. Julie spends a lot of time focused on dirty things. And we issue a standing invitation to Sheriff Judd to come jump in the hot tub with us.

You’re invited, too. Think of us as your pre-Super Bowl party. Go Bucs. And GRRRRRROOOOOONNNNNNKKKKKKK. Billy just likes saying it.