Sitemap - 2017 - Public Enemy Number 1

The Florida model is DEAD. Here's how we breathe life into something NEW.

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Chronicles: Ledger editorial writer would rather concern troll faraway women over harassment than support them at home

A glimpse of a new era: Why I am thankful for the impasse resolution

The Tenoroc situation: Jason Looney and Tim Harris in their own words

Dear Lakeland First, part 1: Kelli Stargel is a much, much, much, much, much higher value target

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Chronicles, part 2: Lazy editorial editor of struggling community newspaper slanders 7,000 teachers -- and makes it harder for reporters, the executive editor, and the publisher to find subscribers

A battle for the future of the Polk District, part 2: Leadership demands some personal risk

The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ chronicles, part 1: Nobody is entitled to taxpayer business, Tim Harris.

The educational empathy gap; and an offer of peace with honor in the great Neil Combee "thank you" war of 2017

A battle for the leadership culture and soul of the Polk School District, part 1: the Tenoroc/GJ investigations reveal comprehensive, catastrophic leadership failure

Explain what's going on with Akes; don't bring back Jacque Bowen; and don't step backward toward LeRoy's Jacksonville

From Richard Corcoran's teacher-hating brain to Neil Combee's big, sarcastic mouth

There can only be one centerpiece of your city; should it be an eternal source of conflict?

Clarifying the record on the Tenoroc investigation

Join the 7069 lawsuit, part 3: a sociopathic model breeds sociopathic behavior. You can't reason with it.

Join the 7069 suit, part 2: the public must take back the power to kill VAM and drive common purpose

"Sanguinary fields": how a Confederate monument came to dominate a Florida county's dead

Join the 7069 lawsuit, part 1: an elegant fight for good faith in state government

Changing culture requires confronting it: explaining my administrator vote

All schools are everyone's schools

Power, sex, and leadership: an urgent policy need

A deep dive on the Bryant Stadium problem and deal

How money matters in community education, part 1: 1200 teachers to hire

"We let you win:" Tallahassee's arrogance, thuggery, and cowardice in 1 Tweet

The line must be drawn here. Start with Level raises.

Dear Polk community: Kelli Stargel and your deadbeat Legislature are exterminating community education

A Lake Wales Vision, part 2: choice liberated from the fraudulent Florida model

There is no "we" with Kelli Stargel. Only "you."

1,800 lost years: the silence of Adam Putnam, Kelli Stargel, and the School Board enabled deadbeat DoE's TOP school atrocity

Let's replace impasse with good faith and move fully into the post-LeRoy era

There is no magnet school death panel. There will be no magnet school death panel. But it's good to talk about hard things.

A Bok-McLaughlin vision, part 1: the future of Lake Wales should be Lake Wales. Not Jefferson County.

The Roosevelt process: good government is often messy

The Teacher Party, part 2: no more fraudulent school grades; an untested year; and Pasi Sahlberg for Education Commissioner

The Teacher Party, part 1: we need teachers much more than they need us

Impasse has already cost us $75,000 and wasted 7 months. Let's change our negotiating parameters.

Timpasse, part 3: a new board generation will help Jackie Byrd succeed

Impasse, part 2: the logical outcome of a broken School Board culture

Dear Townsend/Trump voters: Betsy DeVos loves everything you hate about Florida education, including Common Core

Impasse, part 1: Listen to your School Board members lay out their visions of public service