Sitemap - 2019 - Public Enemy Number 1

The FSBA is a Dead Association Walking. But as a voters group, it's worth saving from oblivion.

A profound lack of respect for the public and voters and taxpayers -- from the superintendent and from LEDC

Dear Brian Philpot: Jeb may be a great business partner; but he's a terrible educator

Dear Scruggsie/LEDC: Are you activists, supporters, or just self-interested? Time to talk publicly.

Polk's superintendent and lobbyist should not spend next week at Jeb Bush's lavish conference on the bay in San Diego

Gov. DeSantis: tear down this "Best and Brightest" wall and free the money now

DeSantis: "I'm a Republican," so experienced teachers must suffer; Levesque: my NAEP failure means it's time for more school grade fraud.

Wherefore art thou, Unfunded Man Date? A Halloween romantic horror story in four acts.

Lake Wales' educational competition shows that collaboration and mutual support are better.

In a crucial moment for advocacy, Kim McDougal keeps the FSBA impotent

Jeb Bush is still Florida's failed elected superintendent, part 1: The NAEP atonement speech Jeb should give

Activist judges just effectively abolished Florida school boards. Gut check time for board members.

Florida's perpetual NAEP collapse is America's most important education story. That's why no one, including the NAEP, will tell it.

I choose Lakeland (and its American schools) over Fishhawk (and its Fishhawk schools)

"The data" says 3rd grade retention is academic fraud; basic humanity says it's barbaric child abuse.

Of Kate Wallace, Paula Dockery, Lakeland Leads, and the value of collaborative and constructive self-criticism

No, Commissioner Corcoran, there is no VAM "covariate" for selflessness, empathy, or honesty

The Four Frauds of School Grades, part 2: of Lake Wales and the brutal human consequences of fake "competition"

Dear Gov. DeSantis: the Corcoran/Stargel/DoE VAM-pire is back, sucking teacher and student blood as always

Swimming hard against the stream in Polk, part 2: why I tentatively support the chief of staff position

The four frauds of school grades, part 1: Comparing magnet and charter schools to each other -- not zoned default schools

You're invited to a Math-and-Sciencepalooza at the 7/23 School Board roundtable

Dear Gov. DeSantis: Corcoran is the Taj Mahal of mistakes. He makes you vulnerable.

Your state Board of Education is coming to Lakeland. How will you engage them? Here are some ideas.

"I'll crack your face open punk gonna see what it is to be a snitch": what Florida's corporate choice "movement" really sounds like

Billy Townsend's record. Take a look and make your own judgments.

Swimming hard against the stream in Polk, part 1: A district, and a superintendent, on the rise

The board should make Ralph Arza apologize, in person, before approving his real estate venture

The teacher, the server, and the grifters: fight for the living in Florida's dead, dishonest, corrupt model

Do the impossible better: of bullying, empathy, and organizational leadership

The Sheriff Peter Hagan standard for Civics, History, and fearful elected officials

The perils of thanking power, pt 2: it's not savvy; it's complicity and surrender to menace

The perils of thanking power, pt 1: In fairness to Kelli Stargel, how would she have known?

Five children: some thoughts on a sad 10 days

How Billy defeated the foolish 2017 impasse and delivered staff raises

A proposed School Board resolution concerning Pastor Tiger, state voucher school oversight, and public safety

How Kelli Stargel endangers your kids, part 2: "Unacceptable" funding means "unacceptable" staffing and "unacceptable" protection

How Kelli Stargel endangers your kids more each day, part 1: Of Pastor Tiger -- and why the MSD grand jury should investigate Step Up For Students oversight of voucher schools.

Strengthen the strategic plan. It's the most powerful instrument of comprehensive and lasting cultural change

The Starbucks Revolt three years later: I'm running again; the state admits it's broken; a new Polk board is rewriting the rules; and political competition is the reason for it all

The Looney complaint dismissal: an ethical vindication of public oversight