Sitemap - 2021 - Public Enemy Number 1

Polk's voter fraud grifters are not normal people

Our anuses and bladders should unite us, not divide us.

A Veterans Parade that insults veterans for fun harms the "common defense and general welfare"

Dear voucher grifters: take Mary McLeod Bethune's good name out of your mouths

67-33, part 2: Let's talk about manhood and monsters

67-33, part 1: Victory, grace, and the path out of our abusive civic household

Can a person who hates Lakeland become Lakeland's mayor?

Tales from the Sagasphere: the Habitat for Humanity lawnmower thief

Happy Halloween from the "Walking Dead" Florida Standards Assessment

"What's your wife think about that?"

Only bad people and bad citizens attack the vulnerable for money

How to reduce kings to petrified stone

Former Mayor Howard Wiggs is a bit touchy about his Saga endorsement

When Saga met Hannah: 111 lies in 28 minutes

Citizens against assholery, pt 2: how the American murder/suicide attempt helped disrupt Kathleen High

Citizens Against Assholery, part 1: a "moderate" proposal for the time of face-eating leopards

The battle for Lakeland: real citizenship vs. "My Pillow" citizenship

DeSantis dumps Jeb. Delicious, far-reaching chaos ensues.

A "good guy" with a gun (and Q-Anon-esque sex trafficking delusions)

A Saga of bad citizenship

Putnam's multiracial WWI dead silently mock the "chivalry" of their Confederate intruder

Grady Judd's choice, part 1: good cops and good citizens -- or his lynch mob base

How much does Lake Wales Charter force families to pay School Board Chair Lori Cunningham's business?

An "F" think tank: Lakeland Leads delivered no deliverables, but did collect $20K in PPP

Billy the very reluctant bioweapon

Hillsborough County restarts the COVID-paused revolt against Florida school privatization's exploitation of kids and communities

Rep. Colleen Burton, R-Lakeland: "I've seen no evidence" the election was stolen from Trump.

The strange "Redemption" of U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds

The DeSantis/Corcoran DoE just gave a get-out-of-jail free card for teaching real history.

The stupid civil war of the anti-social, part 1: Jimmy Nelson's group won't disavow its guest of honor's coup advocacy. Will you?

Indoctrinate this, part 2: Would DeSantis and Latvala fire me for teaching this lesson on the state-mandated 1920 Ocoee pogrom standard?

Indoctrinate this, part 1: The voices of the Great Migration laugh at Richard Corcoran

Florida's modern sharecropping economy has finally caught up with its capital and employers

"Capacity-ism:" Florida spends $1 Billion per year on a fraudulent voucher marketplace that has created zero private education capacity. A documentary.

Federal taxpayers and Lakelanders -- not gubernatorial candidate Ron Desantis -- are cleaning up Lake Bonnet

The absolution lights of the Atlantic Pearl Harbor

Voucher tax money follows the grift, not the child: a case study

Billy and Julie's Hot Tub Talk, Ep. 4: The lessons of waiting tables will keep you -- and America -- out of the weeds

Is The Matt Gaetz/Will Harrell/Lakeland First era ending already?

Jeb Crow, pt. 5: Reformers, you long ago stopped being the good guys -- if you ever were. Will you join us now?

Jeb Crow, pt 4: The dark story of "Failure Factories" and "Schools without Rules" shows how power dominates education journalism, narrative, and humanity

Billy and Julie's Hot Tub Talk, Ep. 3: Harrison Ford is always Denzel Washington -- or something

Jeb Crow, pt. 3: how to shop in a Florida voucher marketplace built to cheat and grift and harm your child

Jeb Crow, pt. 2: what "Jeb Crow" has wrought for FTC, McKay, and Gardiner kids -- and everybody else

An open letter to Polk's superintendent candidates

Jeb Crow, part 1: Florida's voucher segregation factories imitate pre-Brown American education - only worse

Become the wolves, part 2: Public education must credibly prepare to primary Biden -- so it doesn't have to

"Our system has failed." Rep. Melony Bell's important personal critique of Florida's choice/ESA grift.

Applying a Michelle Townley lens to the Polk superintendent search

Superintendent Byrd should clarify her relationship with the IDEA charter school chain

Become the wolves, part 1: Florida, the state that puts "a nation at risk"

"Julie and Billy's Hot Tub Talk," episode 2: Billus Interruptus Too Muchus

Bound, part 3: A hometown Publix accounting

"Billy and Julie's Hot Tub Talk" podcast, Episode 1: Deconstructing "Cobra Kai"

For everyone's sake, Sheriff Judd, please end "The Grady Show"

A doomed, feral coup wrapped in a hesitant, cowardly lynching