Sitemap - 2022 - Public Enemy Number 1

The James Dunn files: Why is Texas' GOP education elite so deeply entangled with an outlandishly anti-social convicted felon?

The full James Dunn/Rick Nolte/CCDF scandal timeline

Did DeSantis' guy in Polk deposit $5,200 in untrackable cash bills into his School Board campaign account?

GOP operative James Dunn, center of Texas/Florida scandal, insults Emmett Till as scrutiny builds

As the James Dunn scandal emerges in Texas, Florida donor Ed Cofrancesco wonders what happened to his money

Samuel Doolin: God is hiding Jan. 6 fugitive Jonathan Pollock; and "manly" Jesus is coming for us

Illegitimate DeSantis School Board member amends *11* campaign reports, somehow makes it all much dumber

Sheriff Grady Judd: Florida J6er family "sovereign" cell "has not been violent toward us"

Rep. Scott Franklin, Matt Gaetz's Polk County "wingman," hopes to divorce gay and interracial marriages one day

The "respectables" put the Nazi boys in Lakeland. Now they want us to ignore them.

Elected officials, like the rest of us, are in on the Nazi taunt until they're not

I'm with the drag performers, not the out-of-town Nazi lost boys

How Ron DeSantis' brittle vanity turned a minor embarrassment into a major School Board cover-up scandal

All the governor's snowflakes

When Rick Nolte is removed, Judd and Haas should tell DeSantis to re-appoint Sarah Fortney to the Polk School Board

With "friends" like these: Kim McDougal joins Tampa General Hospital and Sheriff Chad Chronister PACs to help Texas criminal James Dunn's Polk school candidate

Rick Nolte gets close to Polk's kids and money today, with Ron DeSantis' blessing

Gay marriage vote gives Rep. Scott Franklin, R-Lakeland, a chance to be a unifying statesman

Cough up the voucher data, Florida, pt 1: Have we really hit 46% grift inflation in per-voucher cost?

DeSantis-endorsed, self-declared election criminal Rick Nolte should not take office

Creating a Public Enemy Number 1 chat community

Is Polk a 51-49 county? part 4: the decency coalition delivers for Polk County schools, big-time

Should GOP crime be legal? Executive Editor Grady Judd owes me a meeting to discuss

Is Polk a 51-49 county? pt. 3: will the decency coalition get NPAs and the anti-GOP part of the GOP again?

Happy Halloween from Billy the "Book" banner

What have Florida taxpayers gotten for the $142,274 we paid "Politico" since 2016?

Ron DeSantis and Manny Diaz spent $55K of our money on charter school conference hotel rooms

Even COVID couldn't slow Florida's perpetual JebSantis NAEP collapse

Is Polk now a 51-49 county? pt. 2: will a coalition of decency continue punishing the GOP in a crucial Florida county?

Grady Judd nearly kills a mother and baby with his mouth, then dupes thirsty, lazy reporters yet again

Ron DeSantis, Florida's most prolific abortionist

Make that the *weekly* Rick Nolte felony law enforcement silence tracker: 8 weeks (56 days)

Introducing the Rick Nolte felony daily law enforcement silence tracker: Day 55

Polk State Attorney Brian Haas is failing the J6er test of history with absurd, miserable cowardice

Criminal racist charter grifter Ralph Arza becomes a hero of menstrual cycle sports reporting reform

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) turns to arch criminal campaign operative James Dunn for "continuing education"

Graceless redemption

Is the fake NAEP hiding state-level "test-score loss" to protect Florida?

The dope is on the table; and the State Attorney and Sheriff are protecting the CCDF and DeSantis

A usefully absurd mirror of Florida's tiny dictatorship

Because Judd and Haas failed to act, I'm filing state election complaints against Nolte (yet again), Clark, and Sessions

Former State Attorney Jerry Hill punished election crime in real time; Brian Haas has dinner with it.

Rick Nolte unplugged: DeSantis' guy on the Polk School Board drops insane quotes about his self-certified campaign crimes

See everybody in a couple of weeks. Here's a preview of stuff to come.

DeSantis-endorsed Polk School Board Member-elect Rick Nolte faces second formal election complaint

Dear Election Police: make Rick Nolte account for $7,567.39 of "shirt," "sign," and "marketing" campaign spending

CCDF book banners accuse Polk Sheriff Grady Judd of wanting to "opt-in" to crime

If Rick Nolte wasn't a GOP crank, Ron DeSantis would remove him, not endorse him

Is Polk a 51-49 county, part 1: The night the Polk GOP ate itself. Was it a blip? Or generational change?

Expect school board challenger/crank Jill Sessions to dump consultant James Dunn now that he's a criminal *and* a loser

Grady Judd: Polk voters should "obviously" question Jill Sessions' "decision-making ability”

The Republican civil war and the Polk School Board races

The taming of the cranks

Jennifer Canady's stolen "teacher" valor, part 2: anti-teacher, anti-public education nepotism, enforced by a private religious oath

Jennifer Canady's stolen "teacher" valor, part 1: she will rule you with Lakeland Christian School's "statement of faith"

Gov. Crank endorses one mask mandate-loving CCDF crank, but not the other two CCDF cranks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What Christianity would sacrifice Bill Mutz's values for Ed Shoemaker's values?

The idealistic legacy of Citizen Doc

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd announces that he's coming for your pregnancies and miscarriages

Vote Phillip Walker. He *might* give Lakeland's civic coalition power; Jennifer Canady will just bring pain

UPDATED: $1 million Super PAC backing Kelli Stargel attacks DeSantis' secretary of state on "secure elections"

"Anti-woke" Polk school board campaign leader says informing voters he's a criminal/church-cheater is "racial campaign"

No honor among CCDFers? Did Terry Clark lie about Rick Nolte "using" James Dunn?

A Jeb in DeSantis clothing? Or a DeSantis in Jeb clothing? The MGT/DoE/Jefferson scandal and cover-up threatens both

Top 10 criminal fraud, church-cheating, and Russian agent-related facts about Polk's crazy School Board challengers

It doesn't matter if you elect Phillip Walker or Jennifer Canady as District 50's valet to the prom king

Texas GOPer won a school election with CCDF's church-cheating, 6 PPP-collecting, criminal campaign manager. It's important to understand how.

Florida, Texas, and federal authorities must start protecting the public from James Dunn, criminal GOP/CCDF political consultant

The CCDF/Dunn scandal: "Black Republicans of Brazoria County" got a $62,500 PPP loan on less than $50K annual revenue

Criminal GOP anti-School Board political consultant benefitted from 5 PPP loans (286K)

CCDF wants an enemies list of Polk businesses, teachers, and citizens. Please put me at the top.

We can smash the CCDF's criminal slate of candidates and Polk's anti-social political universe

How Marilyn Paul's life's work is destroying Marilyn Paul's life's work

Polk school board challengers hire federal criminal, affiliated with book-banners, as campaign consultant

A fragile dictatorship of Uvalde Men

PRIDE: purpose + possibility often deliver what hope cannot

DeSantis' DoE/Jefferson OIG "review" ends without any evidence of investigation

Why is Ron DeSantis' Florida creating so many abortions?

Lake Morton's (alleged) Capitol Lynch Mobbist: a case study in the malevolent ambiguity of gun language and policy

"America's sheriff" Grady Judd opposes open carry. Will he publicly confront DeSantis? Or cave to him?

How "fear" defines Michael Dunn, Grady Judd, and the police faction loyal to the desecrated flag

GOP congressional candidate Dennis Ross mumbles and dissembles about forced birth/rapist rights

The power of referenda on rapist rights and forced-birth; and a May hiatus for Public Enemy Number 1.

The wage gap: why Floridians can't afford Florida

Make the big new DeSanTest optional -- if you trust parents

Will Manny Diaz's rebuke of DeSantis cost him his Education Commissioner job?

You’ve started a 50-year war with your kids and neighbors over rapist rights and forced birth. You won’t enjoy it.

Ron DeSantis gerrymanders Polk into a county vs. Lakeland; Big Capital vs. Capitol Lynch Mob GOP civil war

Florida's new super-voucher is producing grift hyper-inflation while stiffing disability parents

The Grady effect: why do "red states" murder more? Why does legal weed correlate to less murder?

Mr. Trump: DeSantis' next education commissioner is your best weapon against political euthanasia

Strange victories: Florida petulantly starts rebuilding public education after killing the Jeb/Obama era

All DeSantis' behavioral logic points to Randy Fine, not Manny Diaz, as next commissioner

Four failures and a (not really) funny video: the Richard Corcoran story

"Dominate without mercy:" the connective thread of weakness between Putin's mass brutality and Hannah Book Bannah's petty cruelty

Degenerate high school, pt 1: meet the geniuses behind the grifting of Jefferson County and the birth of Public Enemy Number 1

Documenting Billy's meeting with Gov. DeSantis' Inspector General's Office

"Thin love ain't love at all," pt 1: Beloved's track through the trees

I am your complainant, IG Miguel. Put Corcoran, Arza, and the whole Nov. 1 crew under oath

Low-energy Corcoran abjectly surrenders one battle; but DoE still owes Jefferson at least $20M

What will Corcoran say to the Tuck-less Board of Education meeting? Will BoE apologize to Jefferson and Florida?

Promise-breaker Richard Corcoran tells the kids and community of Jefferson County to suck it

Republican Doug Broxson ratchets up the narrative heat on DoE/Jefferson and fellow senator Manny Diaz's failures and lies

Are Gov. DeSantis, OIG Miguel, and Flack Fenske lying about the state DoE/Jefferson investigation?

Sen. Manny Diaz blames *the people of Jefferson County* for failing his employer's charter school. Let's audit that.

Hannah-Book-Bannah and the CCDF's cheap scam

The DoE/Jefferson scandal narrative should force major change in Florida schools and government. A bias toward cynicism is in the way.

DoE "Innovation team" grant theft ring turns on itself, then wreaks havoc on state education workplace after armed home confrontation

If Beloved is criminal pornography, come put me in jail, Grady Judd. Please, please, please.

5 and 1/2 hours: the night all hell broke loose in the DeSantis/Corcoran/DoE/Jefferson scandal

The Florida/DeSantis/DoE Jefferson corruption scandal: a cheat sheet of important players and timeline of reporting, dating to "Failure Factories"

Quick correction on Rep. Jason Shoaf's position

The Jefferson School Board reveals how dirty Florida's DoE is. Don't let Corcoran punish Jefferson's people for that.

FDLE should put "disgusting" convicted witness tamperer Ralph Arza under oath in the Corcoran/DoE/Jefferson scandal

The end of woke washing, pt. 2: "Kill public education and replace it with nothing" isn't a winner for anyone

The end of woke-washing, pt 1: the "Failure Factories" era dies brutally with the DoE/Jefferson corruption scandal and cover-up

Interview questions the Miami-Dade School Board should ask would-be superintendent Jacob Oliva

Kelli Stargel: rape and incest victims must risk death to carry and birth the result of the atrocity they experience

Make DeSantis defend the huge education scandal that should define the rest of his term

The blockbuster Tampa Bay Times DoE/Jefferson scandal story puts Corcoran's career on the clock

The DoE/Jefferson County scandal: understand the difference between a "charter school" and an "external operator"

Scenes from a Capitol Lynch Mob wedding

Re-open the DoE/Jefferson probe, pt 1.5: Why was politically-connected MGT of America on the RFQ template?

Re-open the Florida DoE/Jefferson bid corruption probe, pt 1: Florida's state education leadership is rotten