Sitemap - 2023 - Public Enemy Number 1

Take Air Grady Judd's $5M "loitering" spy plane off the consent agenda, county commissioners

Bridget Ziegler should resign or publicly explain. She deserves zero moral mercy until she does.

Florida Poly has a 31% 4-year graduation rate, Florida's worst, according to U.S. News

Who is lying about the state's "active" criminal investigation of the Jefferson County scandal? DoE or Richard Corcoran?

I'm a vermin; what are you going to do about it?

The Redacted, part 3: DoE is just making stuff up with its Jefferson County public records exemptions

The Redacted, part 2: The altered DoE/Jefferson public records are crime scenes. Treat them so.

The tragicomedy of Florida Poly is the perfect setting for Ilya Shapiro and his fellow grifters

Happy Halloween from "FrankenSantis"

A fraying, delusional defense of the indefensible in the Schofield case

Scott Franklin's golden sombrero

You get what you pay for, Jerry

Leo Schofield leads the first hearing of the Florida Senate's Criminal Justice Committee

PE1 podcast #3: Bonnie Patterson-James talks forced birth, Rep. Jennifer Canady, and suffering for agitation and a cause

The Redacted, pt 1: Are Jacob Oliva and Manny Diaz the DoE/Jefferson scandal's mystery names?

A Gainesville-based Florida Bar grievance committee will now investigate Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill

Should Bonesaw Jesus execute Gen. Milley -- and other questions for Gary Clark, part 2

Will Grady Judd save Polk's 10th Circuit from "consolidation" in Orange/Osceola's 9th?

Jerry Hill is paid $5,833/month to attend parole hearings. So why did he miss Leo Schofield's in May?

Politician Brian Haas disgraces the excellent investigators of the State's Attorney's Office in Nolte case

Bonesaw Jesus attacks Jennifer Canady over 6-week forced birth

Invasion of privacy, part 2: Kate Walton's notion of "individual sovereignty" rejects 6-week forced birth - and much more

Invasion of privacy, part 1: There is no "pro-life" movement. There is only forced birth; at how many weeks?

"Candy Land?" Jason Garcia and I hash out Chris Christie's sneer at Florida journalism

$324,000: Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill has profited substantially from his former office since his 2016 retirement

Did DeSantis-endorsed Rick Nolte cheat with James Dunn; or is he just an accidental felon?

After the meth bender, part 1

Lie down with Nazis, Nathan, and you wake up with swastikas on you forever

The dumbest School Board meeting in history is about to happen

Downfall: Jennifer Canady broke Ron DeSantis and would make Florida a pariah state. What will Charles Canady do about it?

Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill's passive response simplifies and strengthens my Bar complaint against him

DeSantis-endorsed Rick Nolte admits to felony-level cash campaign contribution, fined $1,250

Richard Corcoran's hilarious DoE/Jefferson defense sounds like a confession

Four complaints: citizenship can discipline misbehaving "leaders," if we use it

Fake New College: make "Federal Grand Jury" Corcoran your overpaid permanent president

Why Jacob Oliva, now Arkansas' Education Secretary, should be very worried about the DoE/Jefferson grand jury

DoE/Jefferson scandal goes nuclear; feds subpoena what all the governor's grifters blatantly covered up

Gary Clark's lazy, bigoted lies about the military and America dishonor his former uniform, part 1

Does Erika Donalds have a position on DeSantis/Diaz canceling her husband Byron?

My cousin Peter, the Black Confederate slave who was neither, part 2

My cousin Peter, the Black Confederate slave who was neither, part 1

Are *you* paying for ex-Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill's legal defense against my Florida Bar complaint?

The PE1 podcast, ep. 1: Lakeland playwright Greg Burdick's public education drama lights up Hollywood

Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill lawyers up, gets extension for responding to Bar complaint

Florida Bar orders Jerry Hill to respond in writing to my Schofield misconduct complaint by July 21

Fallen knight, part 1: Schofield prosecutor Victoria Avalon's tragic betrayal of her oath

Introducing Lakeland's discriminatory and non-discriminatory business/organization registries

The case against Jerry Hill: my Florida Bar complaint for his Leo Schofield misconduct

I'm Public Enemy Number 1; Ron DeSantis is just Kelvin Gemstone

Leo Schofield prosecutor Jerry Hill made "obvious" and "emotional" false statements to parole commissioners

FlyingBouncyPantyGate ends with state attorney criminalizing any attempt to "disturb any lawful assembly"

Lakeland Rep. Scott Franklin's "wingman" considers your life a "hostage" to ransom

Tough guy Sheriff Grady Judd triggered by flying bouncy panties at forced-birth event

Update on my Florida Bar complaint against Jerry Hill

DeSantis' self-reported felon School Board member says "Chinese cooties" crashed his computer

Leo Schofield should preach the sermon at next year's Lakeland Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Kelli Stargel's hilarious hire shows nobody cares about Florida Polytechnic University

"F--- you": Jerry Hill's telling response to accountability for his lie about Leo Schofield

Hey "Lakeland First," let's primary the Forced-Birth 2 with a Sam Killebrew Republican

Rep. Jennifer Canady's blood-soaked lies launch Florida's long forced-birth war

Polk's timid titans of Political Capital clap for Jeb Bush's failures in their shrinking safe space

Florida has destroyed its *private* schools. Good luck shopping with that $8K voucher.

Rep. Jennifer Canady's false abortion testimony violated her oath to Lakeland Christian School

"Don't Say Gay" lawmaker/criminal's COVID loan plea bodes badly for James Dunn world

Expect obedient Colleen Burton and Jennifer Canady to vote to kill Lakeland Electric's support of the city

Super-connected Texas/Florida GOP operative James Dunn's criminal and grifter resume is incredible

Why investigate and prosecute GOP operative James Dunn, but ignore Ron DeSantis-endorsed Rick Nolte?

Candace Owens tried to warn Abbott, Morath, Middleton, "J6 Julie," and all the Florida folks, too, about James Dunn

Florida "Wolverines" can save America, then Florida, from Florida

"Storming mob repulsed at Putnam County Jail," 100 years ago today

Help ease wrongfully convicted Leo Schofield's "deep long-felt loneliness"

Education-by-gangster, part 1: The Florida racket finally killed the Florida system. Don't waste tears, Lynn.

Why does Ron DeSantis keep walking into Richard Corcoran's grift rake?

Jewish people enrich Lakeland and the world immeasurably; Nazi boys suck

Give Polk County the chance to atone for our unforgivable sins against Leo Schofield

Corcoran's New College grift will mimic his Jefferson County grift, the scandal that dare not speak its name

Glass Jaw Ron: what Polk County's Rick Nolte scandal tells us about DeSantis' weakness

The study that knew too much about Florida's "Great Regression"

DeSantis Elections Commission partially clears DeSantis-endorsed Polk school board member without doing any investigating

Does CRT explain Byron Donalds' senior advisor's grooming arrest? Scenes from the great Collier County GOP/Classical Charter/Hillsdale civil war.

Florida's "Great Regression" will smash JebSantis '24 if Democrats or Trump start running on it now

Why won't "J6 Julie" Pickren, Texas BoE member, talk about her criminal training buddy James Dunn anymore?