Tales from the Sagasphere: the Habitat for Humanity lawnmower thief

Robert "The Lawnmower" Anderson is Saga's personal Tucker Carlson. Predictably, he's also done a life of criming -- from theft to bad checks to election fraud. They're not sending us their best.

How you describe a career criminal who steals lawnmowers from Habitat for Humanity and attacks developmentally disabled Lakelanders and their parents?

Lakeland Mayoral candidate Saga Stevin’s number 1 attack poodle.

Sigh. Let’s briefly meet Robert “The Habitat Lawnmower” Anderson again. He’s the pro-crime, “pro-law enforcement” political “media” ally of former Mayor Howard Wiggs in attacking current Mayor Bill Mutz. He’s the Tucker Carlson/Breitbart of the Sagasphere.

Annderson’s so-called Lakeland Gazette is a low traffic version of your angry, addled uncle’s Facebook page. But it has managed to troll some folks with its gratuitously, lying assholery about the Mutz family and Lakelanders as a whole. That’s when he’s not stealing content from actual news sites.

Here’s a link to my one article about Anderson’s cartoon villainy from a few days back. I wanted to weaponize him a little against the Sagasphere, without giving him any of the traffic he was begging me for like it was a Habitat lawnmower.

A life of crime

If I had cared about enough about “the Lawnmower” to Google him, I might not have gotten scooped on the full scope of this guy’s criminality. Here’s a full rundown of the Lawnmower’s nefariosity by reporter Daniel Figueroa.

And here’s a the money — errr, lawnmower shot — from 2018.

Former Lehigh Acres Fire Commissioner Robert Anderson is back in jail after a judge ordered his bond be revoked.

Anderson — who was convicted of stealing lawnmowers from Habitat For Humanity — was arrested last week for bank fraud.

He is accused of writing thousands of dollars worth of bad checks.

Anderson — the Lehigh Acres Gazette publisher — is awaiting trial for charges of embezzling from a real estate broker, but his bond has been revoked because of his most recent arrest.

Lakeland is a warm, welcoming, growing community. You’ll never hear me chant: “Lock him up” or “Build the Wall” on County Line Road because I’m not a terrible person. But clearly, with Saga and the Lawnmower as examples, Florida’s Lynchriot movement is not sending us its best. Or maybe it is.