I really hope you're right about this being a massive failure. I'm so angry.

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Billy, I just found this. As a New College alum (1975) I am sick at heart about the loss of New College. That the name outlives the school is in itself a fraud.

The college is currently advertising for about 30 new faculty. As the faculty demographic changes, Amy Reid will likely be replaced on the board. As more 'sports scholarship' students join the ranks, the student rep will likely be replaced also. The board will achieve unanimity, which will surely not be as much fun for Rufo. I hope Amy gets those questions you so clearly articulated to the floor while she can. They (the questions) are excellent!

What has happened at New College matters little to most people, except as an illustration of the national trend toward more corruption and grift. But as one of those who lived that extraordinary educational experiment, I feel violated. Your expose makes clear that there is more rot that we knew, and that it is growing

I'm working on an essay for Inside Higher Ed, and you have given me new threads to pull on. I had no knowledge of the Academica side of the story. Thank you for this fine piece of investigative journalism.

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A lovely eulogy. I too have a soft spot for the New College that was. I went to a state summer program there before my senior year in high school in summer 1989. Small though it is, it is a real casualty.

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As it happens, the New College of Florida Board of Trustees has a section in its policy manual covering conflict of interest. Note this part:

(4) Reporting and Prohibited Conduct

(a) Any potential conflict of interest or uncertainty regarding a conflict of interest shall be brought to the immediate attention of the BOT.

The blustering of Rufo et al. aside, if Prof. Reid has questions about a conflict of interest, “any potential conflict of interest or uncertainty” gives her wide latitude to raise concerns. In normal functioning boards, members will declare a potential conflict of interest themselves that the rest of the board rules on. A smart board member will do this so as to put to rest potential legal claims.


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Bauerlein is the cringy hasbeen who retweeted that our VP is a c*m dumpster. A classy guy and perfect to be overseeing the well-being of a student population.

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Breaking news! New College of Florida President Corcoran establishes the Bar Chair of Ethics and Moral Philosophy at the College. Christian Ziegler will assume the position immediately. The department is well-endowed by anonymous donors. Classes may be conducted over Zoom depending upon Prof Ziegler’s custody status.

— Written by someone much more in the know than me..

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