"Billy and Julie's Hot Tub Talk" podcast, Episode 1: Deconstructing "Cobra Kai"


Everybody has a podcast. Why not Billy and Julie? We’re funny and insightful; and people like us. As far as we know. We also have a hot tub.

When we’re able to keep the chlorine at a safe level, we like to jump into the bubbles and chat and have good, deep conversations about solving the world’s problems — or stupid things — which are often the same. And we laugh a lot.

That’s the basic description of a podcast; and we’ve always flattered ourselves by thinking people might actually want to listen in on how we entertain each other. Here’s a great chance for you, the indifferent listener, to prove us wrong. And that’s fine, because mostly we want our kids and grandkids and great grandkids to get a sense of what their goofy forebears were up to in the 2021-ish America.

So we’re gonna “talk till we’re pruney.” You’re invited, as we expand the Public Enemy Number 1 content universe, to provide you a little low-brow, high-brow mirth in these serious times.

Episode 1 takes a piercing look at Billy Zabka’s abs, Gen X nostalgia, and American violence dancing to a rebooted version of “Cruel Summer” that you can’t dance to. This is Cobra Kai. And it is…great?

We’ll take a deep dive, so to speak, as deep as our shallow hot tub allows.