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Honestly Jerry Hill and Victoria Avalon and Jeremy Scott belong in the same dark hole Cell for what they all said and did!

Jeremy Scott killed my sister in law but these unethical immoral legal idiots that get paid to manipulate and give immunity to serial killers need to be held responsible for what they said and did!

All of their cases they touched should be under a federal review where nobody they know or related to have any connection to the cases so they can go under a fair hearing and maybe any of the death penalty victims get paid to their families for a wrongful death penalty since I’m sure there are more cases than the ones connected to my brothers case!

My blood boils knowing what Jeremy did after hearing his testimony and for what Aguero said and did and Hill and Avalon to!

This is a major reason why I could never live in Florida ever! Knowing they lock up innocent people and try anything to cover their tracks just to save face! I wish Aguero was alive only so my mom and I could slap him with handcuffs along side with Jeremy Scott!

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