Saga is for freedom of speech and liberty to pursue your desired life's goals. Government isn't community. The people acting freely is community.

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I believe that Billy Townsend is demon possessed with his hate speech. What has any PATRIOT done to hurt you? You obviously have not attended any of the gatherings to see many who look different in attendance! You are literally racially divisive and a hateful human being. Anyone who listens to your dribble and believes it must have issues like you.

I too attended these events. If you find the truth you will stop the rantings against Roger Stone. Why are you bashing those who voted for President Trump? WE THE PEOPLE run America. Government works for us and we are the majority. Your small minded base will see the TRUTH! IT IS COMING. EVERY LIE WILL BE REVEALED and it looks as if your Mayor Mutz is being exposed! The Lakeland Gazette has many articles with the truth.





When facts are presented....FACTS MATTER......

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This venting drivel isn't helping anyone. It exposes the authors biases and paints the picture of a person full of prejudices. What a tedious and blathering rant!

This is not the first time I've come across Billy in my search for information on candidates in the Lakeland mayoral election. I want to make an intelligent decision for the good of my city. To do so, I am looking for true and accurate information. As Billy doesn't provide much of either, these articles just aren't helpful. His arguments are often illogical and/or immature. He lashes out instead of thoughtfully considering first.

All I've learned in these articles is Billy appears to be contemptuous person. In no way does that help me choose a mayor.

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To bad The Ledger doesn’t print your work. I hope Lakeland voters see the real Saga.

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