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Thanks for the enlightening post.

Walter Hussman who is at the center of the CRT scandal at the University of North Carolina is one of Arkansas' most prominent supporters of school choice.

Bryon Donalds is a valueless opportunist. Full stop. His campaign website page shows him in the Oval Office with Donald Trump.

CRT is red meat for the redneck base. Catholic Vote takes credit for 6,000 of the 30,000 letters sent to the Biden WH in opposition to CRT. The Knights of Columbus is led by a former legislative aide to Jesse Helms. Close to 50 states have state Catholic Conferences. They promote school choice to state legislators and encourage voters to contact the legislators. At least two state Conference Directors take credit for their states' school choice legislation.

CRT is today's attack against public schools. Next week it will be another.

Recommended reading: "The new official contents of sex education in Mexico: laicism in the crosshairs", Scielo website, 3-3-2021. The article, much broader in scope than the title indicates, lays out the world wide attacks we witness in the U.S.

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