Hear, hear, Billy! Today, more than ever, I am deeply disappointed in and ashamed of the school I attended from 7th-12th grade (Salutatorian, LCS Class of 1980).

Kimberly Moore's reporting today on this topic for lkldnow included the following near the end of the article:

"Mutz said he has one task in this lifetime. 'Our responsibility is not to criticize people’s particular lifestyle, it is to love unconditionally. The number one responsibility we have as human beings … is to love one another unconditionally and that is the doorway to relationship, and relationships are where we create thriving growth in life,' Mutz said."

That is why I, a far-left "lib," love and respect Bill Mutz, why I have voted for him in the past, and why I likely will support him as long as he chooses to serve the citizens of Lakeland. Bill Mutz embodies the loving leadership style that is so desperately needed in these fraught times!

Thank you for leading and loving by example, Bill Mutz!

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Won’t they be receiving vouchers, that the she/the GOP passed, siphoning money from public schools - while discriminating against LGBT?

Makes sense as Rep. Canady was a main sponsor of the six week abortion ban. And giving $25 Million to fake crisis pregnancy centers, with no medical professionals.

And her husband is FL Supreme Court Justice Canady. A decision on whether abortion is protected under privacy is expected to come down soon. If they rule against privacy protection the 15 week abortion ban will be immediately be replaced by the six week ban - that she was a main sponsor of.

Seriously, how is any of this ok?

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When I read about how “divided” we are as a country it’s consistently presented as if there are two equivalent sides doing the d.

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I’m interested in how you read Mutz’s statement to LKLD: “ The board wanted to meet on that topic, and we did and we spent two and a half very deliberate hours and had very conscientious conversations about the importance of making certain that the school didn’t seem to be compromising its principles because of my responsibilities as a mayor and concurrent board member,” Mutz told LkldNow. “So, really, we got to the conclusion that the surest way to create a distinction is … to request my resignation, which I then provided”.

I understand this to mean that Mutz was also convinced by the discussion that his resignation from LCS was for the best (“we” instead of “they”.) Do you read it this way? Do you think it matters?

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